UArctic Assembly 2023
Meeting Agenda

UArctic Assembly Meeting / Quebec City, Canada / 22-26 May 2023

All proposals and reference documents can be reviewed individually by clicking the links in the meeting agenda or downloaded in one ZIP folder (54 files / 17,3 Mb).


1 Opening of meeting
2 Introduction to Meeting Rules & Voting Procedures: validity, rights, proposals & voting procedures (live presentation)
3 Approval of Meeting Agenda and Selection of Examiners (Action item) [Proposal 3]
4 UArctic Reports:
  4.1 Report from the Board of UArctic (live presentation)
  4.2 Report from the President (live presentation)
5 UArctic Membership:
  5.1 Introduction to New Member Applicants 2023 (live presentation)
  5.2 Approval of new Arctic Members of UArctic (Action item) [Proposal 5.2]
  5.3 Approval of new Non-Arctic Members of UArctic (Action item) [Proposal 5.3]
  5.4 Removal of UArctic Membership (Action item) [Proposal 5.4]
6 Election of Board Members:
  6.1 Election of new Board Member (Action item) [Proposal 6.1]
  6.2 Election of Board Student Representative (Action item) [Proposal 6.2]
7 UArctic Finances:
  7.1 Approval of Financial Statements and Auditor Report 2022 (Action item) [Proposal 7.1]
  7.2 Approval of UArctic Annual Report 2022 (Action item) [Proposal 7.2]
  7.3 Verification of UArctic Operating Budget 2023 (Action item) [Proposal 7.3]
  7.4 Approval of UArctic Membership fees 2024 (Action item) [Proposal 7.4]
8 Endorsement of UArctic Thematic Networks:
  8.1 Introduction to New Thematic Network Applications (live presentation)
  8.2 Approval of new Thematic Networks 2023 (Action item) [Proposal 8.2]
  8.3 Endorsement of provisional Thematic Networks 2022 (Action item) [Proposal 8.3]
9 Election of Nominations Committee Members (Action item) [Proposal 9]
10 Invitation to join the Friends of UArctic (Action item) [Proposal 10]
11 Approval of Amendments of Constitution (Action item) [Proposal 11]
12 Approval of Amendments to Bylaws (Action item) [Proposal 12]
13 Update on Plans for the Assembly and Congress 2024 (Action item) [Proposal 13]
14 Other Business - Announcements
15 Closing of Meeting

You can furthermore view and download the agenda as a PDF file from this link