In accordance with the new structure for researchers and teachers at Ilisimatusarfik, it is also possible for applicants without a PhD to apply for the position as an assistant professor with a PhD programme. Should that be the case, an application is also to be delivered for enrolment as a PhD student at Ilisimatusarfik (find the instructions at The assistant professorship and assistant professorship with a PhD programme positions have a six-year maximum time limit.

Job description
Applicants to the positions must be able to carry out research, teaching and other responsibilities relating to the dissemination and communication of knowledge to society regarding political science and economics, including qualitative and quantitative method and statistics in the education programmes hosted by the Department of Social Sciences. The work profile is described in greater detail in the Aftale om stillingsstruktur for undervisere og forskere at Ilisimatusarfik, 1 November
2010, which can be obtained from Ilisimatusarfik or downloaded from In addition to research and teaching, the employee is expected to assume administrative responsibilities and work together with colleagues as well as possibly serving as the head of department.

The research to be carried out must be related to the Greenlandic or Arctic context. The teaching at the Department of Social Sciences consists of four core areas - political science, sociology, economics and the law. The language of instruction at Ilisimatusarfik is Greenlandic, Danish or English.

The teaching in political science encompasses:
  • Comparative politics
  •  International politics
  •  Administration
  • Administrative Law
  • Modern Greenlandic Society
  • The History of Ideas
  • Qualitative Method
The teaching in economics encompasses:
  • Macro-economics
  • Micro-economics
  • Business Administration
  • Public Finance
  • Modern Greenlandic Society
  • The History of Ideas
  • Quantitative Method and statistics
The positions provide ample opportunity for research and teaching within these areas with respect to relevant theoretical questions and their application in general and concrete societal questions in relation to the development and tendencies in development in Greenland and the Arctic.

The applicants must have experience with more than one of the above-mentioned areas within political science or economics. Knowledge of and research and teaching experience with the Greenlandic or Arctic context is desirable. Possible management experience in relation to research and teaching will be seen as a further qualification. The assessment will place emphasis on acquired experience and documented competencies related to research and teaching as well as management.

Applicants must be able to document a relevant education, such as a PhD (for employment as associate or assistant professor) or relevant master's degree (for employment as an assistant professor with a PhD programme) in political science/social sciences and economics or related academic areas. Particular emphasis will be placed on:
  • Documented scientific qualifications
  • Documented teaching and/or dissemination qualifications
  • Documented knowledge of Greenlandic/Arctic relations
  • Management experience related to research and education
Applications must include information about the applicant's qualifications, including previous
experience with research and teaching or the dissemination of research. The written work that the
applicant wishes to be included in the assessment of their scientific qualifications must be enclosed
together with the application.

Applications must include the following:
  • CV
  • Diplomas
  • Complete publications list. Enclosed publications are to be marked with an asterisk
  • Brief description (max. 5 pages) of previous research and future research plans
  • Application for enrolment as a PhD student at Ilisimatusarfik must be enclosed in the event that the application is for an assistant professorship with a PhD programme
  • Documentation of teaching qualifications (including formal postgraduate teacher training or other teacher training courses, teaching portfolio or teaching plans, teaching materials or the like from past teaching activities)
  • Publications. Please enclose the particularly relevant publications (max. 5) that are to form the basis for the assessment
Assessment Procedure
An assessment committee will be formed in accordance with the currently applicable rules. After the application deadline has passed, applicants will be informed about the other applicants as well as the composition of the assessment committee. The committee will evaluate the pool of applications and make recommendations to the head of the institute. The committee's
recommendation will be sent to all of the applicants in its entirety.

Salary and terms of employment
Salary and terms of employment, including the right to severance, travel assistance and household goods relocation, in accordance with the applicable agreements and conventions existing between the Government of Greenland and the organization legitimately entitled to have negotiated the agreement.

Housing can be provided to the applicant filling the position if they are not already residing in their own home in Nuuk. When granted, such housing is offered according to the ordinances applicable at the time. As there might be a waiting list for permanent staff housing, temporary accommodations may be necessary, including the option of temporary housing in apartments to be shared with others or a so-called hotel apartment until permanent staff housing becomes available.
More information about the position can be obtained from acting head of institute, Vice Rector Uffe Jakobsen or tel. +299 36 23 94. For further information about Ilisimatusarfik, please refer to the website:

The application is to be sent to Ilisimatusarfik by 15 December 2011. The application can be sent via ordinary mail or by email. If the application is sent by ordinary mail, the appendixes are to include publications enclosed in three copies. If the application is sent by email, the appendixes are to be attached as pdf files. The application (incl. appendixes) are to be marked "Samfundsvidenskab" and sent to:
Ilisimatusarfik /University of Greenland
Postboks 1061
3900 Nuuk