The International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) announces the names of the 10 United States representatives to the IASC working groups, chosen through the U.S. National Academies review process. The representatives are as follows:

Atmosphere Working Group
- Dr. James Overland, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory/NOAA
- Dr. John Cassano, University of Colorado at Boulder

Cryosphere Working Group
- Dr. Walter Meier, University of Colorado at Boulder
- Dr. Elizabeth Hunke, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Marine Working Group
- Dr. Rolf Gradinger, University of Alaska Fairbanks
- Dr. Mary-Louise Timmermans, Yale University

Terrestrial Working Group
- Dr. Donald (Skip) Walker, University of Alaska Fairbanks
- Dr. Vanessa Lougheed, University of Texas at El Paso

Social and Human Working Group
- Dr. Peter Schweitzer, University of Alaska Fairbanks
- Dr. Sven D. Haakanson, Alutiiq Museum

Additional information on the IASC working groups (including scientific foci, international membership, history, activities, publications, and terms of reference for each group) is available via the IASC Secretariat website, at:

Further contact information for members is available on the Polar Research Board website, at:

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