The degree program has been created to respond to the needs of cultural and tourism industries, and the EMACIM curriculum will increase the competitiveness and employability of the graduates and promote their entrepreneurial spirit. During two years of studies, the students will learn to develop and manage international cultural productions and services; to work in an intercultural and professionally diverse environment; and to understand and follow the principles of sustainability.

In cultural industries, there is a strong demand for new professionals with a diverse set of management skills and an extensive understanding of the changing needs of the modern society. The EMACIM degree will open the graduates a diversity of career paths in cultural industries, such as entrepreneurship, production, management, tourism and research.

The program consists of tourism research studies (60 ECTS), EMACIM studies (30 ECTS) and a specialization study module which can include an internship, exchange studies or minor subject studies (for example, the Intercultural Communication Programme or minor studies at an art faculty).