This position will be for two years with the potential to extend to a third year if a teaching assistantship is secured.

The successful candidate will undertake MS research in synthesizing marine and terrestrial evidence for Pleistocene glaciation in the Arctic Ocean. This project aims to bring together a diverse array of geologic evidence from the Arctic Ocean and the surrounding coastal plains on shore, to explore the timing and extent of Arctic Ocean glaciation during the mid- to late-Pleistocene in the Beaufort Chukchi region and Canada basin through the development of a geologic evidence database (GEDB).

The successful candidate will:

  • Analyze a range of data sets including marine surveys, marine sediment cores, and terrestrial records in order to map evidence of paleo glacial activity in the Beaufort-Chukchi region;
  • Incorporate digitize features and their relative ages into a geologic evidence database using ESRI ArcMap; and
  • Present research results at national and international conferences, and publish in peer-reviewed journals.

There may also be potential to participate in research cruises in order to obtain firsthand experience with marine survey data collection.

Qualifications include:

  • Bachelor's degree in geoscience or marine geology with some experience with Quaternary geology and glaciology,
  • Experience with ArcGIS (database management a plus), and
  • Good computational skills.

Application deadline: 31 May 2023

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For questions, contact:
Louise Farquharson
Phone: 907-474-5623

Bernard Coakley