ASAD has introduced the concept of ‘new genre Arctic art’ to define and describe contemporary artistic interventions, public art and performances that include participation, activism and engagement with contemporary issues of the North and the Arctic. The exhibition delve into the transformative power of new genre Arctic art in  education. Artist and art educators  explore how they address local ecoculture, natural resource extraction, politics, identities, and cultural continuation and how they foster cultural resilience and sustainability. The exhibition also included artistic components from master's theses and project studies by university students, carried out within the framework of the New Genre Arctic Art and Art Education research projects.

Peter Beliner and team, Sustainable Portraits, Photo installation, detail.

"This approach to art education is optimistic, envisioning a future where art education plays a pivotal role in shaping more sustainable societies in the North and the Arctic", says the curator of the exhibition, UArctic Chair of Art, Design and Culture, Timo Jokela, University of Lapland.

Kuutti Terävä, Annmari Manninen, Timo Jokela, Spectrum of New Genre Arctic Art Education, video still.

 The exhibition was part of a broader collaboration between the University of Lapland, Umeå University, Nord University, and the Greenlandic association Siunissaq, supported by UArctic / Danish Ministry of Education, NAPA / Nordic Council of Ministers, and Nordplus.

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