PHOTO: Kiruna, Sweden. By Mia Stålnacke

UArctic Seminars

UArctic Seminars focus on advancing knowledge for specific northern needs. The Seminars are catalysing events that move the conversation forward, informing research and policy-making.

UArctic Seminars proactively bring together researchers, students, industry representatives, rights-holders and other experts who would not normally meet to discuss a common issue relevant to the Arctic. By pooling knowledge from various groups and exchanging best practices from the field, the Seminars create new collaboration and more innovative models to tackle present and emerging problems.

UArctic Seminars are normally hosted by a member institution or partnership of members, and they are often linked to, or lead to, a UArctic Thematic Network. 

Read more about the past and upcoming Seminars below. 

EcoTech4CCU: Biotechnology for Carbon Capture and Utilization from Ecosystem Inspired Solutions

Workshop in Tromsø, Norway on October 16–18, 2019

Managing the Arctic's Icy Treasure

Seminar in Reykjavík, Iceland on October 11-12, 2022

Mine Bioremediation in the Arctic

Seminar at Yukon University, Whitehorse, Canada on September 18-20, 2023