Thematic Networks and Institutes

What is a Thematic Network

Thematic Networks form a natural framework for development of UArctic education and research providing an optimal structure for increasing the knowledge generation and sharing across the North. UArctic Institutes are self-governing units devoted to research, monitoring and education throughout the Arctic. Empowered by local knowledge and international level academic expertise, they facilitate development of multidisciplinary solutions for challenges in the Arctic.


UArctic's Thematic Networks and Institutes engage in scientific research, education, networking and outreach activities. Find out more in their profile pages.


Establishing a new Thematic Network

Are you planning a new Thematic Network? Here you can find step by step timeline and guidelines.

How Thematic Networks work

Read here about the goals, content and membership of the Thematic Networks.

Practicalities and Information for Thematic Networks

Here you can find practical information and guidelines on how to report your activities, send news stories and update webpages, and information about other services and opportunities.