Thematic Network on Arctic Geology


In recent years, interest for minerals and hydrocarbon resources in the Arctic has increased significantly. Studies on geological resources in the North American and European Arctic, Greenland and Asia have many similar challenges, and researchers working in these regions would therefore benefit enormously from cooperation and knowledge sharing, which is the aim of this Thematic Network. Common for all regions in the Arctic is that exploitation of minerals and hydrocarbon resources impacts significantly environment as well as the culture and economy of the indigenous peoples living in the region. Students educated at the network’s programs will be working on the exploitation of the minerals and therefore it is important for them to learn to understand the importance of indigenous issues.


  • Arrange workshops at partner universities
  • Facilitate exchange of students, researchers and teachers
  • Participate in joint proposals for external research funding
  • Develop learning materials and host common courses/joint educational programs
  • Offer access to laboratory facilities
  • Easy access to relevant Arctic geological data, for example through Svalbox geoscientific portal 
  • UArctic Thematic Network is heavily involved in the organisation of the 9th International conference on Arctic Margins ( to be held in Ottawa, Canad, 12-16 June 2022
  • New publication of the network: Senger et al. (2021), Teaching with digital geology in the high Arctic: opportunities and challenges (pdf)
  • New publication of the network: Senger et al., (2020): Using digital outcrops to make the high Arctic more accessible through the Svalbox database (pdf)
  • UArctic funding for - Svalbox2020 project - focusses on utilizing digital tools to innovate teaching and outreach on Arctic Geology, with a secondary benefit also for circum-Arctic geological research. Svalbox2020 provides a major step forward that will allow interactive usage of the portal for education, outreach and research.
  • UArctic funding for - "The Arctic - an interdisciplinary view. A MOOC" (Massive Open Online Course) - an interdisciplinary course that will cover a wide range of Arctic topics and issues. Hosted via the University of Oslo's International Summer School, planned for summer 2021 and 2022.
  • EGU General Assembly in Vienna; "The Arctic Connection; plate tectonics, mantle dynamics and paleogeography serving paleo-climate models and modern jurisdiction" an annual session co-organized by early career and established Arctic geoscientists. The most recent session program for 2020 can be found here and a 2021 session has just been proposed.
  • 2021 Svalbard Science Conference - a biennial conference that aims to enhance cooperation and quality within Svalbard research, build and strengthen interdisciplinary and international networks and consolidate Svalbard as an attractive platform for Arctic research.
  • New publication of the network: Kim Senger & Ivar Nordmo (2020): Using digital field notebooks in geoscientific learning in polar environments, Journal of Geoscience Education, DOI: 10.1080/10899995.2020.1725407, pdf file can be read here.
  • Establishment of Svalbox data-portal offering easy access to virtual outcrop models and supplementary geological material from Svalbard. Accessible at
  • Circum-Arctic NOR-R-AM collaboration project. The aim to set a scientific basis for deciphering the timing, driving forces and consequences of volcanism in the Arctic region. While educating the next generation of Arctic explorers, this international collaboration will also prepare a scientific platform for future large, collaborative research initiatives in the Arctic. More details available here.  
  • A joint project on Mineral resources in the Arctic: International cooperative research and teaching has been established between eight universities. This project will arrange an international workshop, which will aims to promote research among the students and scientists, and a published online collection of research seminars; monthly published video on a subject related to the exploration of mineral resources in the Arctic.

Other Information

Kim Senger, Lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Geology