Thematic Network on Bioregional Planning for Resilient Rural Communities


The Bioregional Planning for Resilient Rural Communities Network is an international network of interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners committed to:

  • understanding the role that bioregional and systems strategies can play in supporting rural Northern communities
  • activating those strategies in an intentional, place-based way to promote resilience in the face of climate change and other disruptive events.

The UArctic Bioregional Planning for a Resilient Rural Communities thematic network will serve as an interdisciplinary platform by which institutions and local communities can leverage bioregional planning strategies and tool kits to support resilient rural communities in the North.

Bioregional Planning for Resilient Rural Communities Resources Page
This page is an invitation to learn more about bioregional approaches to building sustainable communities, environments and economies in the North through story maps, articles, and projects.


  • The network will curate existing strategies and tool kits and support their optimization and customization for specific bioregions;
  • The network will place particular focus on the engagement of the "people of the place"; on intergenerational engagement; and on engagement of community members on the margins.
  • The network will provide programming, such as webinars and symposia, to disseminate project based work and its impacts to the UArctic community.

Summer 2021 

  • Launch the thematic network with an introductory webinar
  • Recruit network members from throughout the UArctic community

Fall 2021 

  • Convene hybrid working meeting of network to coincide with Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik
  • Continue recruitment to and promotion of network at COP 26 in Glasgow 

This network has three initial partners, but its potential for impact for both UArctic and its communities lies in the participation of partner organizations from throughout the UArctic family. This is an open invitation for all UArctic members institutions to connect with us and explore how your work and expertise might help realize this network's full potential. For more info, please contact network lead, Holly Parker.

Other Information

Holly Parker, former Lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Bioregional Planning for Resilient Rural Communities