The Arctic Leaders Summit is the highest level forum for Permanent Participants to discuss the
issues of sustainable development of the Arctic and indigenous peoples’ prospects. Each Summit
has a specific theme and develops concrete recommendations for the Arctic states and other

The theme of the 2010 Summit is:
«Industrial development of the Arctic under Climate Change – New challenges for Indigenous Peoples».

The participants will bring their experience and knowledge, make analysis, share practices, and develop joint positions and recommendations regarding the given topic.

The Summit will be attended by the officials of the Arctic States, the Arctic Council and its Working Groups, UN agencies, international financial institutions, business, academic and expert organizations.

The Russian Association of indigenous peoples of the North (RAIPON) will be hosting the event
in partnership with the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

We kindly request you to confirm your participation in the upcoming Summit by 25 March 2010.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance about any matter related to visa support and accommodation in Moscow.

The contact RAIPON persons:

Rodion Sulyandziga
+7 495 780 87 27 (office)
+7 985 769 0899 (cell)

Anatoly Mikhailov
+7 495 748 3124 (office)
+7 926 583 4008 (cell)

Please find attached the official Invitation, the ALS Program Draft and the ALS Summary.