Abstracts must be submitted to a specific session. The conference will consist of over thirty sessions designed around the following six themes:

Theme 1 - Linkages between polar regions and global systems
Theme 2 - Past, present, and future changes in polar regions
Theme 3 - Polar ecosystems and biodiversity
Theme 4 - Human dimensions of change: Health, society, and resources
Theme 5 - New frontiers, data practices, and directions in polar research
Theme 6 - Polar science education, outreach, and communication

For further details about the themes and their correlating sessions, including specific session contacts, please click on the links in the left sidebar at: http://www.ipy-osc.no/section/1245938774.04.
To read the complete call for abstracts, please go to: http://www.ipy-osc.no/section/1257865053.48.

Extended Abstract Deadline: Monday, 25 January 2010

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Asgeir Knudsen
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