- This agreement with the Russian institutions represents a breakthrough for us, says Associate Professor Marit Sundet at Bodø University College. She has worked hard to put into place formal agreements with Russian higher education and research institutions in North West Russia.

- Northern Arctic Federal University in Arkhangel is our most important cooperation partner in this respect, and besides the agreement which The Faculty of Social Sciences at Bodø University College and coordinators at 6 of the 8 Russian educational institutions have now signed, we have also signed a specific memorandum covering the Bologna principles for admission rules and mutual obligations.

- Now that the agreements are in place, it only remains to complete four of the eight main agreements which rectors from the various universities will also sign, says Marit Sundet who is responsible for Northern studies at The Faculty of Social Sciences. Sundet is also Vice-Dean of The Arctic University.

The other co-operating universities apart from Bodø University College and State Polar Institute in St. Petersburg are Murmansk State Pedagogical University, Murmansk State Technical University, Murmansk Humanities Institute, Komi State Pedagogical Institute, and Northern Arctic Federal University in Arkhangel.

BodoSundet-Maratovna-AnatolievaAgreement in St. Petersburg: From left to right: Marit Sundet
Leader of The Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies programme,
Basangova Kermen Maratovna, Rector of State Polar Academy and Dean of The Philological Faculty, Karlik Nadezhda Anatolievna (photo Håkan Sandersen).