PolarCINEMA will showcase and celebrate unique productions that are inspired by and increase the awareness of the polar regions. Organizers invite all filmmakers, reporters, scientists, and educators to send in their polar productions and be part of this festival at IPY-OSC.

During IPY 2007-2008, film proved a strong instrument to explore new frontiers of polar science, and mesmerized and informed the public.
Fiction films, documentaries, TV-series and internet broadcasts all helped translate polar science to the screen; portrayed a rich history of exploration, culture, and contemporary life; and investigated peoples' and natures' response and adaptation to a changing climate.

In Oslo, this rich legacy created by professionals and amateurs looking for new and innovative ways to get the message across will be celebrated. The PolarCINEMA will include a mixture of screenings, debates, and open discussions with filmmakers, educators, scientists, and the public. Topics of discussion will include the success and impact of the medium in increasing our understanding of the Arctic and Antarctic and their relation to the rest of the globe.

More information on the submission process and the general rules and procedures, as well as the entry form, is available online.

Entry Deadline: Monday, 15 February 2010

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Or contact:
Mare Pit
Email: mare.pit@iasc.info