Vice–Rector of International Cooperation at NArFU Marina Kalinina made a presentation about the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, its strategy of development and international cooperation strategy. NArFU international structures such as the Research Office of the University of the Arctic, the Department of International Cooperation, and the International Learning Center  also presented their activity to the Norwegian partners.

A faculty and staff meeting took place the same day. The delegation from the University of Nordland (UiN) included the lead of the BCS program at the UiN Marit Sundet, International Office representatives and teachers from the Social Sciences Department. NArFU was represented by the Directors and Deputy Directors for International Cooperation of NArFU (Institute of Management and Regional Studies, Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Institute of Philology and Cross-cultural Communication and Institute of pedagogic, psychology and social work). The purpose of the meeting was to broaden international cooperation between University of Nordland and Northern (Arctic) Federal University within the Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies Program as well as to discuss face-to-face the possibility of joint projects.

NArFu BCS meeting with UiN Student GraduateThe BCS graduation ceremony was held during the BCS coordinators’ meeting. This year, seven NArFU students have been awarded bachelor degree in circumpolar studies. Marit Sundet delivered to the students BCS diplomas and University of the Arctic Diplomas. NArFU Rector Elena Kydryashova congratulated students with the diplomas. She stressed that BCS program is a priority program for the Northern (Arctic) Federal University as it focused on the Arctic and provides with unique knowledge on politics, northern recourses, peoples, cultures, land and environment of the circumpolar region. Vice-rector of International Cooperation Marina Kalinina mentioned that the program helps to create competitive human resource in the North. She congratulated NArFU students with receiving the diplomas and as Institutional BCS coordinator noted that there are 42 BCS graduates from NArFU since 2006.

Students from different NArFU institutes also had a possibility to meet the delegation from the University of Nordland. It was a nice occasion for the students who have communicated only online with their Norwegian teachers to meet them in person. The meeting was informal and was held in warm atmosphere. The students expressed their thanks for the program which gives them Arctic expertise and possibilities to develop themselves both personally and professionally.