The meeting was at Sara Olsvig's initiative to create a better understanding of UArctic generally, and simultaneously see it in context with the work of the Arctic Parliamentarians where Sara Olsvig represents the Danish parliament.

Olsvig states, "It was a very exciting and informative meeting and I see how obvious it is to create a collaboration between the universities in the Arctic where we live a few, scattered over large areas and where exactly the optimization of resources, knowledge and research is essential. They include also very concrete experience with distance learning, which is also introduced to students in Greenland."

Denmark/Greenland have made strong contributions to the development of the University of the Arctic, including major research projects, support for UArctic's administration, committed membership from Danish higher education members and especially Ilisimatusarfik / University of Greenland. Strong leadership is also provided by UArctic Board member Tove Søvndahl Pedersen, from Greenland's Home Rule Government.

Olsvig concludes, "I look forward, together with the other parties in parliament, to ensure UArctic plays important role in strengthening cooperation among universities and especially optimization of resources, research, etc., and that it receives  Danish-Greenlandic support, even after 2012."