NEFU and Claudia in particular have been strongly involved in the development and delivery of Circumpolar Studies since the very beginning.

In her message to UArctic, Rector
Mikhailova stresses that, "This program is unique, because it comprises knowledge and experience of scientists,politicians, indigenous people of the Arctic from large universities and small northern colleges. Students from Finland, Norway, Sweden, the USA, Canada and Russia are taking courses on the North in a virtual classroom. This young generation will provide sustainable development for our severe, but abundant land."

NEFU professors and other experts have also been heavily involved in the recent curriculum update of the Circumpolar Studies Courses, and these courses are delivered by NEFU both online and in the classroom.

Congratulations to Claudia Fedorova on her appointment as the new Dean of Graduate Studies, and UArctic welcomes this additional involvement from NEFU to secure the future of Circumpolar Studies and undergraduate programming.