While not analyzing in-depth the role of UArctic in the further development of the Arctic, political scientist Christoph Humrich from a German foundation for peace and conflict research asks the questions if the networking structure of UArctic is an exception or merely the most visible of many means of transboundary cooperation.    

This volume of OSTEUROPA exclusively deals with the Arctic and touches upon Nature and Law, Economy and Environment, Confluict and Cooperation, as well as Community and Society. Several researchers associated with UArctic have contributed articles or in one way or the other contributed to the content of the volume, e.g. Florian Stammler and Anna Stammler Gossmann from the Arctic Centre who in their articles deal with migration patterns in the Russian North and the roots of Russian minority politics, or current UArctic intern Nikolas Sellheim, who participated in last year’s “EU Arctic Footprint and Policy Assessment Project” which Sandra Cavalieri’s article is based upon.  

The OSTEUROPA Journal analyzes politics and culture, economy and society in the Eastern parts of Europe as part of the globalized world. Apart from thematic volumes such as ”Logbook Arctic – Space, Interests and Law”, country-bound volumes serve the orientation for the further East-enlargement of European thinking.  

The OSTEUROPA Journal is published in German by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteuropakunde (DGO) e.V (German Association for Eastern European Studies).