The feature article is entitled "Linking Inuit Knowledge and Scientific Understanding of Environmental Change: A Case Study in Wind Observations." It highlights National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) researcher Shari Gearheard's work with Inuit hunters and Elders documenting their knowledge and observations of local changes in the climate and environment. The direct link to the article is here.

Another highlight of this issue is an interview with Dr. Brendan P.Kelly, the new Deputy Director of NSF's Division of Arctic Sciences. Other articles in this issue include:
- Interagency Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) - SEARCH Updates;
- Arctic System Science Program - Study of the Northern Alaskan Coastal Systems (SNACS) Products Online;
- Arctic Natural Science Program - High-Resolution Permafrost Modeling and Planning Implications for Greenland and Alaska; - Arctic Research Support and Logistics - ARCUS Board President Honored in R/V Sikuliaq Keel-Laying Ceremony;
- Science Education News - Snow Science Expedition: Traveling 2000 km on Snowmobiles for Outreach and Education;
- Interagency News - Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) Meeting of Principal Members;
- The Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative: Leveraging Arctic Climate Science 
- Arctic News from the Office of Naval Research
- NOAA Releases Final Arctic Vision and Strategy
- U.S. Arctic Research Commission - Fran Ulmer Appointed Chair of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission
- International News - Workshop on International Collaboration and Cooperation in Arctic Science

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