The proceedings will be published following the seminar. Articles may be up to five pages in Word or RTF formats (25 mm margins, type Times New Roman, 14 with single spaced interval. Name and Surname of the author must be printed in top right-hand corner in bold italics). The name of the article must be printed in bold type without abbreviations, with footnotes at the bottom of every page. Information about the author must be submitted together with the article and it must include the author’s name, degree, position, employing organization, address and phone number.

The organizing committee is authorized to select articles for publication and to partially edit them with regard to thematic field of the seminar.

Applications for participation in the seminar, abstracts of reports (up to one and half pages) may be sent until 14 November 2011. Printed articles must be sent by 29 November, 2011 by post to the following address:
Murmansk State Humanities University
Department of Philosophy and Sociology
Kapitan Egorov street, 15

Fax: +78152 21 38 53

Contact person:
Aleksander Sautkin, department of philosophy and sociology: +78152 21-38-15,