Mona Johnson, who has led UArctic’s circumpolar mobility program north2north for the past 8 years, emphasized the role of mobility, a first hand experience, in transmitting knowledge about the north and creating a northern citizenship. The UArctic Way, intergrating mobility to undergraduate and graduate programs focused on the Circumpolar North, often as a part of a UArctic Thematic Network, is a unique strategy to integrate various programs to provide educational opportunities on northern topics to young people taking their first degree and also to professionals in mid-career in need of Arctic and northern expertese.

Currently the north2north program includes institutions from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, US, Greenland and Canada. Mona Johnson also made a plea to the Icelandic government, inviting them to join in. The students in Icelandic member institutions would benefit greatly from having an opportunity to study in UArctic member institutions for example in Alaska or Canada. Also, there is great interest in UArctic’s members to send students to study in Iceland’s universities.

Harry BorlaseHarry Borlase, from Labrador, Canada, is currently attending the Northern Research Forum, and reflects on UArctic: "UArctic programs like BCS and north2north combine classroom learning with real life northern living. It's exactly that combination that paints the big picture and prepares you for your working career in the North."

After completing his BA degree in Canada, Harry took the Arctic Studies Program at the University of Lapland, Finland, and went on to do his Master's studies at the University of Akureyri in the Polar Law Programme. Harry currently works as a Northern Analyst for a research group in the Canadian North.