“I had no doubt that I wanted to get into this program and I immediately did so. I clearly saw possible opportunities of an international education with a focus on High North topics. During the next break I went to the international office at MSHU
and applied for admission to the BNS-program. Soon there was a meeting with BNS teachers including Bjorn Sagdahl and Per Møller. After this meeting all possible doubts were thrown away. Shortly thereafter I started to work with on-line
BNS courses.”

Ivan Alexeev underlines especially “Innovation Management” and “Transnational Strategy”. He found the Innovation Management course as most interesting, and all gave insight into a new field of studies with a strong theoretical basis. “Teachers of the courses made all their best to make them exiting for the students”, Ivan says.

Ivan Alexeev took 3 courses in addition to the AE-program and got 55 credits during the autumn semester in Alta. At the same time, he points out that Finnmark University College should offer more language teaching for incoming international students. “As for me, I would gladly choose a 10 – 15 credit language course to learn Norwegian while staying here.

Sports and study works together
Tastes differ. “Autumn Outdoor Life Activities” was the most exiting course for Sergey Dukman, an exchange BNS-student from Ukhta State Technical University. Sergey has a master in engineering and by the turn of the year he will get a diploma of Bachelor of Northern Studies.

Sergey describes himself as hardworking and purposeful. During the fall semester in Alta he took five study subjects and got 50 credits.

Studying is not the only field Sergey Dukman likes to work with. Sergey has been playing football in semiprofessional football teams since 2002. He played for his own town and university in Russia, making him travel a lot. On the first day of arriving in August to Alta, he went to watch a football match. It resulted in getting accepted as a member of the youth football team “BUL”, where he plays today.

Sergey Dukman tells that Bachelor of Northern Studies became a new starting point in his life. He moved to Alta to
complete the BNS-program and to learn Norwegian language. He has decided to stay in Alta and start with a master degree program, Master of Tourism, and work at the same time as engineer in order to improve his technical skills and to fund his further education.

Learn, learn, and learn
Ivan Alexeev plans to continue his education as well. Ideally, Ivan wants to take a Norwegian Master and get a PhD in Russia. He says that his credo is “Learn, learn, and learn”. For other exchange students he gives following advices:
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions here – people will surely help you.
  • Be prepared for hard work.
  • Do not take BNS if you cannot speak or at least understand English.
  • Take some warm clothes with you.
  • Make use of this opportunity and take as many courses as you can.
  • Take all opportunities to improve your skills in foreign languages.
  • Be yourself and do your best!

Anna Zheleznaya
International office, Finnmark University College