On the Norwegian side, participants from the north of Norway were present at the conference representing higher education institutions, the Saami parliament, local municipalities and companies helping young entrepreneurs. In Russia, representatives from the North East Federal University, young entrepreneurs from the republic of Yakutia (Siberia), from the region of Kortkuros (Komi Republic) and from the Arkhangelsk area came to share their experiences and wished in matter of entrepreneurship.

Nadezda Ponomarova from the region of Arkhangelsk explained how she and two friends successfully managed to create a company producing souvenirs and Christmas decorations. Selling several thousands of products each month in many regions of Russia, they wish to start to export their production abroad.

Olga Zakharova shared her experience of creating and running a café in a rural area of the region of Yakutia. She explained her plans to develop to a small guest house. About 30 people participated to the conference.