During the meeting in Bodø, the concept was finalized, tasks were identified, and the project’s events were defined. The main goal of the project is to enlarge cross-border cooperation between small and medium size enterprises in the sphere of logistics in the Barents Region. The partner consortium involves educational institutions, regional associations on external economics activity, chambers of commerce and industry, and authorities. The project is aimed at network creation and development of particular models of cooperation between business, authorities and educational institutions. The educational module of the project gives the opportunity to create joint Master's course on logistics in the Arctic (30 ECTS). The leading partner of the project will be Nordland University. The deadline for the IV call for proposals is 16 of April 2012.

In the frame of IV call, NArFU is planning to submit four more projects dealing with sustainable use of forest and energy efficiency, young researchers, gender issues in the Arctic, and indigenous peoples. At the moment NArFU is implementing five Kolartic projects (more), and three projects are participating in the evaluation procedure after the III call.