NEFU EALAT MoU Mikhail Pogodaev“Young representatives of the indigenous peoples who are engaged in reindeer breeding have serious problems concerning education, said Mikhail Pogodaev. - Nowadays reindeer herders either remain living in the community and do not receive education or move to cities, get a diploma but then do not come back home because there is no work for them with their specialty in the community". Projects introduced by the Institute will provide young reindeer herders with educational courses with future expansion of educational programs range and the use of distant learning.

Also Anatoly Sleptsov, the Head of the Center for Innovation Legal Research of the Sustainable Development of the Arctic and Indigenous Minorities of the North, presented the Center's projects and proposed to organize International Forum concerning this issue on November 2013.

The meeting took place during the visit of the Arctic Council participating in the EALÁT - Sustainable Reindeer Husbandry seminar. The delegation led by Mikhail Pogodaev also included Helene Homme, the Deputy Chairman of the working Group on Sustainable Development of the Arctic Council, and Kia Hansen, the student of the University of Tromso (Norway).