The programme (in russian) presents modern cultural life of the Nordic countries in Murmansk from 18 till 26 April.

Exhibitions, concerts, films, performances, various discussions – we tried to gather in the Nordic week programme all events to satisfy different eyes and interests. During the week it will be possible to hear everything: from Norwegian electronic music and jazz till Finnish blues and Swedish post-punk, to see films by famous and beginning Scandinavian filmmakers, to get acquainted with new trends in modern art, to meet writers and just become closer to northern neighbours!

The Nordic Council of Ministers presents two events with the frames of the Knowledge Building and Networking cooperation programme. One is the final conference of anti-corruption project and another one is the launch of Nordic-Russian project on corporate social responsibility.

The programme is organised in cooperation with Pikene på Broen company from Kirkenes, Arts Council of Lapland, University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, province of Norrbotten, Committee on Culture in Administration of the Murmansk region and many other partners in Murmansk and in Barents region.

Full programme of events (in russian).