Exchange students Henrique Meyrelles (Brasilian), James Rann (Australian), Sampo Lenzi (Swiss), Linus Schaaf (German), Katharina Devich (Austrian), James Short (Scottish), Jake Hendersson (Australian), Patrick Dennis (Irish), Emma Patersson (English), Lou Campbell (Scottish), Ignacio Iñaki Fernández Gaztea (Spanish) and Céline Lardy (Spanish) got to ride the snow mobile for the first time in their lives. Students were thrilled by this 70 kilometer trip that headed for North, and they agreed on it being the best day of their time in Lapland.

Snowmobiletrip2As James said; "ten of us had a fantastic opportunity that a lot of the other students are horrible, horrible jealous of. It'd seem nice to give the opportunity to more than the ten of us." It seems that snow mobile trip was a good example of the experiential opportunities North has to offer, and something that should be made possible for people to experience while their stay in the North.

Pictures by Linus Schaaf