In September 2011 the Documentary Film Festival «Arctic Cinema» was held in Arkhangelsk during the 2nd International Arctic Forum «Arctic - Territory of Dialogue». The film festival was organized by the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov and the Russian Geographical Society. The participants and the audience showed interest in this project, which also helped to popularize the Arctic. The prize winning films were shown non-stop at the Forum «Arctic - Territory of Dialogue».

Previous festival was of a great success. Its social dimension got vivid public interest. This film festival will take place during the International scientific conference «History of the discovery and exploration of the Arctic» (Arkhangelsk, Russia).
The festival is to become a landmark of movement towards the Arctic, and an indicator of the intellectual development and caring management of this unique area.

The main task of the project is to create a space for the discussion of the Arctic exploration in Arkhangelsk. It is important as well to show the audience the strategic value of the circumpolar region.

Famous journalists, polar explorers and academics are among the experts and invited guests. During the festival the audience will get a chance to discuss the program-films with the experts and film-makers. Besides the audience can take part in a questionnaire and become a “festival jury” by selecting the most and the best films of the festival.
The festival winners will get awards. The finale of the festival will be held in September 2012.