It has been possible for both students and staff at Finnmark University College to apply for an exchange scholarship through the University of the Arctic. One person that has taken advantage of this opportunity is psychologist Eva Carlsdotter Schjetne. She went for exchange to North-Eastern Federal University, and gave lectures on the topic of family therapy.

Family therapy program was conducted in conjunction with UArctic’s development workshop in the villages of Iengra and Olenyok. The workshops were implemented by UArctic Thematic Network on Local and Regional Development in the North. Schjetne gave lectures of family therapy for the key personnel of the municipality, as well as for health and education personnel. She also conducted parents on family communication issues, and gave guidance on difficult family relationship situations.

Earlier this year, Schjetne was in Arkhangelsk, which was enabled for her by Barents Plus Grant. Then she held 20 hours of lectures on family therapy for bachelor students of the Northern Arctic Federal University. This project was directed by UArctic’s Thematic Network on Social Work. Schjetne would like to encourage others to tie international contacts and apply for exchange.

Next deadline for north2north scholarship is 15 February 2013.