The purpose of the meeting is to chart functions, possibilities, methods of implementation and practices of the Thematic Networks. Also to discuss the viewpoints of Universities of Oulu and Lapland and developing these viewpoints; how Thematic Networks can support and affirm methods of implementation and collaboration.

The participants of the meeting are Kari Laine, chair of Thematic Networks; Kirsi Latola, Coordinator of Thematic Networks & leader of Thematic Network on Global Change in the Arctic; Arja Rautio, leader of Thematic Network on Health and Wellbeing in the Arctic; Jussi Huotari, leader of Thematic Network on Geopolitics and Security; Timo Jokela, leader of Thematic Network on Arctic Sustainable Arts & Design;  Tomi Knuutila, leader of Thematic Network on Digital Media and Media Arts; Leena Heinämäki, leader of Thematic Network on Arctic Law, and Pirkko Pulkkanen, International Relations Coordinator, UArctic.