The students will spend in the Arctic 25 days. For some of them this “Arctic Floating University Expedition” is not the first one. Anna Trofimova, the 4-th year student of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Biomedicine said she could not miss the opportunity to take part in the Expedition and visit the Arctic again. “This Expedition gives a chance for self-realization in the Science, and we are glad to take such a great opportunity,” – she mentioned.

This kind of expeditions is unique. The data we collect is significant and demanded. During the first Expedition in 2012 we’ve collected data which requires further research. That is why I am back on board of this remarkable ship,” – said Alexei Morozov, the research fellow at the Institute of Ecological Problems of the North, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Assistant of the President of the Russian Federation - Andrey Fursenko, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of NArFU - Alexey Kudrin, Governor of the Arkhangelsk region - Igor Orlov, and NArFU’s Rector - Elena Kudryashova, took part in the ceremony. Andrey Fursenko underlined the importance of the project for the development of collaboration between education, science and the region. He also wished the participants good weather, no pitching, interesting research and successful return home.

Alexey Kudrin mentioned that “The Arctic Floating University” is a project which makes the very idea of NArFU as an Arctic university come true: "When NArFU was opened, we dreamed about establishing new laboratories and expeditions for developing and monitoring of the Arctic territories. Today one of the main ideas – contained in the title of our university - is realized”.