The transition process is well underway and UAP anticipates releasing CCI Press bibliographic data in early February. Fulfilment of orders through UAP and its distributors will follow, once the transfer of stock is complete.

UAP personnel are reaching out to CCI Press authors, past and current, to open discussions about their projects.

UAP plans to digitize much of the CCI Press backlist so that these critical works, published over
a span of many years, can be more broadly disseminated and accessed. We are asking CCI Press
authors to make contact with UAP director, Linda Cameron, to discuss this project further.

About the Presses
The University of Alberta Press publishes in the areas of biography, history, language, literature, natural history, regional interest, travel narratives and reference books. With hundreds of scholarly and trade books, UAP contributes to the intellectual and cultural life of Alberta and Canada.

The CCI Press boasts an impressive backlist of more than 100 titles in 6 peer-reviewed series. Themes include Circumpolar, Aboriginal, and First Nations Peoples, Community Issues, Environment and Ecology, History and Politics,
Traditional Knowledge, Renewable Resource Management Sustainable Development, Wildlife/Natural History.

Anita Dey Nuttall, Acting Director, Canadian Circumpolar Institute  
Linda Cameron, Director, University of Alberta Press,  Tel. +1-780-492-0717
Peter Midgley, Acquisitions Editor, University of Alberta Press, Tel. +1-780-492-7714