Opening the meeting, Vladimir Putin congratulated the students and faculty staff with the 4th anniversary of university. He mentioned that big efforts have been made in a brief period of time to collect intellectual and creative potential of the region into one large university family. The aim of this work is to develop the competitive university acting in the interest of the country and the region.

The President encouraged the young scientists and students to participate actively in research and development of new business technologies. There is a need for practical results based on research, which would correspond to the challenges of business enterprises. Market needs the engineering and scientific support. The President also stressed the importance of joint projects between educational institutions and industries, especially regarding the shortage of qualified engineering personnel.

International cooperation was highlighted among different directions, actively developed at the Federal University. More than one hundred foreign partners have successful experience of joint projects and programs with NArFU in the framework of long-term cooperation agreements. Russian and foreign students get their education in NArFU, foreign teachers are invited to work here as well. The interest in the region, especially in the Arctic is growing and will grow in the future. In this regard, the importance of international cooperation is obvious – in the field of science and education.

"I have no doubt that we will cooperate actively, - the President said. – The interest to the Arctic is enormous today, it has global scale. There is no exaggeration to say that mankind will be forced to use smartly the reserves of Arctic region, and therefore, we undeniably will work together."