"Science project aims at a comparative analysis of the carbon budget in the Arctic and central regions of Yakutia. It will be financed by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Belmont Forum of the United States. The research team included scientists of NEFU, Hokkaido University, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, the University of Alaska Fairbanks", said Mikhail Prisyajny, the head of the project from NEFU, Vice Rector for Natural Sciences and International Cooperation.

Professor of Hokkaido University Atsuko Sugimoto will take part in the studies. "My research interests in the Arctic related to global climate change and ecosystems in this region. The climate of the Arctic regions every day is getting warmer. The ecosystem of the Arctic, which is in itself very vulnerable, begins to change rapidly. My task as a researcher is to show the role of the Arctic ecosystem in global climate change through scientific and public projects", she said at a meeting of the working group of the project "Carbon budget of permafrost ecosystems, cities and settlements of Russian Eastern Arctic", which took place at North-Eastern Federal University.

Researchers from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology Rikie Suzuki and Hisashi Sato, who gave lectures to students of the Federal University at the seminar "Cold Lands”, took part in a meeting of the working group. From the Russian side, there were Trofim Maksimov, the Director of the International Research and Education Center on the Biogeochemistry and Climate - BEST, Tuyara Gavrilieva, Professor of NEFU Engineering and Technical Institute and others.

Recently, members of the working group will meet with government officials of the Republic, Professor Atsuko Sugimoto will present a report at the plenary meeting of the General Assembly of the Northern Forum in Yakutsk.