The meeting was hosted on March 19-20 at the University of Nordland in conjunction with the annual High North Dialogue congress.

Most of the altogether 27 Thematic Networks –including fields like Arctic law, digital media and media arts, arctic extractive industries, health and well-being, and arctic environmental assessment of contaminated areas- participated in the meeting. The two-day meeting consisted of various topics such as the recent developments and future research plans, the role of the Thematic Networks in UArctic education, and the joint IASC/UArctic side-meeting arranged in Toyama during the Arctic Science Summit Week.

The core of the meeting were the discussions on the topics and collaboration for joint research funding applications by the Thematic Networks. Multiple ideas and areas for research collaboration were conceived, all joined by the people of the Arctic in the center of attention related to climate change, globalization, resilience, adaptation, energy and industry developments, arctic geopolitics and so on. Many joint applications are anticipated already during this year based on the results of the meeting and with support from the recently established UArctic Research Liaison. Special effort will be taken to build larger research consortiums to apply funding from the Horizon 2020 calls opening in the autumn 2015.