Vice-Rector Olli Silven from the University of Oulu opened the UArctic Day with encouraging words on the importance of the cooperation in education and research regarding Arctic issues.

Photo By Outi M_Olli Silven2 (2)

Vice-Rector Olli Silven opening the UArctic Day. Photo: Outi Moilanen.


During the day short speeches, student testimonials and interviews were heard on a non-stop basis in order to introduce different aspects of the UArctic activities. Information was provided about the student mobility program, north2north, which is a great way for students to learn more about northern issues and explore different ways of life by performing studies in another UArctic member country.

The audience heard the greetings from one of the UArctic Student Ambassadors, Laura Yrjölä from the University of Lapland. She highlighted the ambassadorship as a wonderful opportunity to gain new experiences, learn more about the Arctic and interact with fellow students from different backgrounds, while at the same time promoting the UArctic internationally to students, scientists and the general public.

The event provided information also about UArctic Thematic Networks. Three networks presented their activities in more detail during the day. The Thematic Network on Communicating Arctic Research was presented by media artist Antti Tenetz, who has participated in the network activities aiming to increase the interaction between science and art. Also the Thematic Networks on Arctic Engineering and Health and Well-being in the Arctic were presented.

Photo By Outi M_Antti Tenets

Antti Tenetz presenting the activities of the Thematic Network on Communicating Arctic Research. Photo: Outi Moilanen.


The Day also promoted the UArctic Research Liaison Office’s services aiming to help UArctic members to increase research collaboration and learn more about suitable funding opportunities.

In the future, similar info days are planned to be held also at other UArctic member universities in order to promote UArctic activities and encourage more people to take part in the UArctic network.