In many places in the world engineers work under extreme conditions. Greenland has it all; if you can engineer in Greenland, you can engineer everywhere.

The Arctic Semester introduces the following challenges:

  • How to design buildings able to withstand strong forces from heavy snow load and extreme gales, and how to design comfortable indoor climate in an energy efficient way in a harsh climate
  • How to build roads on unstable permafrost and harbors in icy waters, and how to blast tunnels in old cracking rock for hydroelectric plants or mines
  • How to treat waste water when water quickly freezes, and how to dispose solid waste when reuse and recycling are impractical and expensive
  • How to manage the logistics in remote areas with a sparsely population and very limited access

The Arctic Semester takes place in the spring at the DTU Campus located in Sisimiut. The semester begins with Extreme Environment Engineering consisting of the three courses: Extreme Climate & Physical Nature, The Arctic Infrastructure & Society, and Environmental Engineering in the Arctic. In these courses you learn the basics for engineering in the Arctic region.

In the last part of the semester you choose between the two final project courses with lots of field work: Sustainable Buildings in Extreme Environments or Infrastructure Constructions in the Arctic. In these courses it will be possible for you to focus on topics relevant to your line of study.

Application deadline: November 1, 2015

For more information, requirements and application instructions, visit the Arctic Semester webpages.