Arctic Yearbook 2017 published

The theme of AY2017 is change and innovation in the Arctic. This theme is understood broadly and aims to define and describe innovation as a response to, and as a means for, change in an Arctic context. The online version is available at

The Arctic Yearbook 2017 consists of an introduction to the topic and five thematic sections:

  1. Thinking Arctic Innovation
  2. Creative Collaboration
  3. Arctic Change & Innovation in Practice
  4. Arctic Resources & Development
  5. Arctic Governance & Institutions

The Arctic Yearbook seeks to be the preeminent repository of critical analysis on the Arctic region, with a mandate to inform observers about the state of Arctic politics, governance and security. It is an international and interdisciplinary double-blind peer-reviewed publication, published online to ensure wide distribution and accessibility to a variety of stakeholders and observers. The Arctic Yearbook is open access. Readers may download, distribute, photocopy, cite or excerpt this Arctic Yearbook material provided it is properly and fully credited and not used for commercial purposes.

The Arctic Yearbook is the outcome of the Northern Research Forum and the UArctic Thematic Network on Geopolitics and Security.

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