The theme of the 2019 Academy is “Future Arctic Societies: Scenarios, Innovations, Best Practices, Drivers & Actors.”

The 2019 Academy will discuss Arctic issues and discourses in the context of the regional and globalized Arctic theoretically and holistically from many scientific and knowledge angles and multi/inter-disciplinary approaches, from academic and policy-oriented ones, including exploitation, transportation, tourism, infrastructure and technologies, film-making, as well as telecommunications and digitalization. This will be done from the perspectives of past(s), present(s) and in particular future(s), and from global, international, Arctic and local contexts in the European Arctic, as well as from points of view of different stakeholders from indigenous peoples to business.

Applications, incl. freely formulated funding applications, should be submitted Online. The deadline for applications — which should include an abstract (ca. 250-350 words) and a short letter of intent — for PhD candidates and post-docs is September 20, 2019.

Read the full call here.