Launched by the U.S. Department of State in 2020, the Arctic Education Alliance (AEA) is a collaboration between Greenlandic and American education institutions to train the next generation of land and fisheries management, sustainable tourism and hospitality professionals. 

The project is run by a team of 14 peoplewhich is made up of US, Greenlandic, Danish, and Faroese participants, many of whom are Indigenous and have experience working with local communities.

Through professional relationships and ongoing collaboration between institutions of higher education and vocational studies in Greenland and the United States, and in line with the Government of Greenland’s overall objectives, the AEA seeks to help Greenland meet its workforce development needs in the 21st century.    

Over the next two years, the group will be building a network of leaders, educators, students, community members, and stakeholders to conduct a vocational education needs assessment, develop education capacity building plans, and draft curricula for Greenland. Throughout this work, it will be seeking input from the Circum-Arctic education, tourism, land management, and fisheries communities and hope that you will continue to support our work. The hope is that the project can contribute to the sustainability, cooperative, and education efforts in which you are engaged.

You can read a bit more about the project on the official website here.