The Research Festival is a festival where we celebrate Arctic research in a creative, accessible, and diverse way. Through science talks, research images, movies and a variety of events arranged on participants’ own initiative, Greenland Science Week facilitates a collaborative and artistic platform to connect and learn from the work of citizens, managers, students, scientists, policymakers and many more.

The Arctic Research Days Conference will also take place during this event (November 9-11). At the Arctic Research Days Conference, we foster scientific advances, knowledge sharing and networking activities across disciplines in the Arctic. The deadline for registration for this particular event was October 26.

You can see the full program for The Research Festival on the event website which shows all the activities that are planned in Sisimiut, Kangerlussuaq, Sarfannguit and Nuuk from November 1-14. The Greenland Science Week is mostly a physical event, but some of the Research Festival events can be attended online.

To get more information see the event website.