The event was hosted by the ASRTU and jointly organized by Harbin Institute of technology and Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Officials from the China Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Harbin, officials from Department of Education, Heilongjiang Province, the P. R. of China, Chinese and Russian permanent Presidents of ASRTU, and Presidents of relevant universities attended the Ceremony. Dr. Hong Liu, Executive Director of ASRTU and Vice President of HIT, presided over the Ceremony.

Lars Kullerud, President of the University of the Arctic (UArctic), sent a greeting video to the Ceremony. Yi-Fan Li, Director of the UArctic-HIT Training Centre, attended the Ceremony as a special representative of UArctic.

At the beginning of the Ceremony, Lars delivered his greeting speech to the ASRTU, a sister organization of UArctic, as saying that, “10 years is a good time to start reflect on the future and what to do on your way forward.” “I really hope that you continue to work to build the future of the Asian Arctic world, together with the University of the Arctic.” “I wish you all the best for the coming decades”.

The Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of the China Ministry of Education, Hai Li, spoke highly of ASRTU's exemplary and leading role as the first one among similar University Alliances between China and Russia. He said that the ASRTU was born in response to the situation, making plans according to the situation, and taking advantage of the situation. It has continuously strengthened the cooperation between key engineering universities of the two countries, promoted the opening and exchange of high-quality education resources and complemented each other's advantages, and has made great contributions to the improvement of innovation ability of the two countries.

Igor Nikolaevich Ganshin, Director General of the International Cooperation Department of the Russia Ministry of Science and Higher Education, highly affirmed the fruitful achievements of the ASRTU in the fields of education, scientific research, cultural and social activities. He pointed out that ASRTU has formed a practical and effective operation mechanism to promote the universities in the ASRTU to actively share experience, jointly implement talent training, scientific research cooperation and cultural exchange projects, and has made remarkable contributions to inter-university cooperation and young scientists training.

Facing the new challenges of COVID-10, the ASRTU has launched the "Cloud ASRTU Plan", which aims to achieve high-quality educational resources shared by the institutions in the Association through cloud universities, cloud exhibitions, cloud discussions, and cloud lectures, etc. During the Ceremony, Chinese and Russian guests jointly entered the ASRTU Youth Dialogue Cloud Space. ASRTU youth representatives from 12 ASRTU member Universities in 12 Chinese and Russian cities exchanged and interacted in the cloud in various forms to send cloud blessings to the ASRTU's 10th birthday.