Mediated Arctic Geographies is an interdisciplinary and collaborative project that explores the poetics and politics of Arctic geographies in contemporary fiction and art. It investigates how elements of Arctic geography are aesthetically shaped and mediated to become vehicles of environmental, (geo)political, and social concerns. The project focuses on mediations of the circumpolar North in twenty-first-century fiction and art while also being attentive to how these imaginaries transform earlier discourses, from global anxieties and fantasies projected onto the High North to the revival, reinvention, and remediation of Indigenous storytelling traditions and ancestral knowledge in contemporary fiction and art from the circumpolar Arctic.

Job Description

The successful candidate will conduct research (and/or engage in artistic practice) on a topic connected to the project. The research should result in at least two article publications (or equivalent) or in substantial creative output. They will also co-edit and contribute to the project's second book publication, a multilingual volume on contemporary geographical imaginaries from the circumpolar Arctic. Further, they will be responsible for planning, conceptualising, and curating a creative online atlas. In addition, the successful candidate will do a small amount of teaching (max. 10% of the overall workload).


Applications from candidates with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds (including, for instance, literary and cultural studies, film studies, Indigenous studies, media studies, art history, and cultural geography), ideally holding a PhD (or equivalent qualification) from a relevant field are welcome. Candidates should have a strong research and/or artistic profile in circumpolar studies and an interest in Arctic imaginaries. They are expected to have an ongoing research and/or artistic project that connects with the Mediated Arctic Geographies project. Applications from candidates with in-depth knowledge of Indigenous cultures and/or languages from the circumpolar Arctic are particularly welcome. The project promotes equity among different knowledge systems and traditions. Therefore applications from candidates whose qualifications are different from those attained on the paths of the Western academy will be appreciated as well as some teaching experience in relevant fields.

The application deadline is April 30, 2021.

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