The incoming new Board members are Tore Furevik from the University of Bergen, Norway, Johanna Ikäheimo from Lappset Oy, Finland and Pat Pitney from the University of Alaska, USA. They become members of the Board of UArctic for a three-year term (2021-2024).

UArctic congratulates the newly elected board members and is pleased about the added competence that they bring to the Board of UArctic.

The Assembly also elected Juho Kähkönen from the University of Lapland as Student Representative on the Board for a fixed three-year term 2021-2024.

The full composition of the Board in 2021:

Peter Sköld (Chair), 2019-2022

Elena Kudryashova (Vice-Chair), 2021-2024

Jouko Niinimäki (Vice-Chair), 2019-2022

Mikhail Pogodaev (Member), 2020-2023

Ross A. Virginia (Member), 2021-2024

Gary Kachanoski (Member), 2020-2023

Sergey Aplonov (Member), 2021-2024

Anne Husebekk (Member), 2021-2024

Tore Furevik (Member), 2021-2024

Magnús Gudmundsson (Member), 2019-2022

Robert Sauvé (Member), 2020-2023

Frederik Paulsen (Member), 2020-2023

Pat K. Pitney (Member), 2021-2024

Johanna Ikäheimo (Member), 2021-2024

Laurie-Ann Lines (Student Representative), 2019-2022

Juho Kähkönen (Student Representative), 2021-2024

Giuseppe Amatulli (Student Representative), 2020-2023

Outi Snellman (Secretary)

The Assembly also acknowledged the contributions made by Karen Barnes from Yukon University and Evon Peter from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks as they concluded their term (2018-2021)on the Board, and thanks them for having helped to guide UArctic through an exciting period of transition and development. In addition, Assembly acknowledged and wishes to thank Kamila Faizieva from Industrial University of Tyumen, Russia for her contributions and time as Student Representative on the Board of UArctic (2018-2021).

The Assembly joined the Board in extending UArctic’s deepest condolences to the family and friends of Lene Kielsen Holm, former member of the Board (2017-2019), as well as to her colleagues at the Greenlandic Climate Research Centre, and the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.