The innovative conference provides a venue for off-the-record engagement among policymakers/practitioners and scientists/analysists regarding Arctic issues of mutual interest to leading North Pacific Arctic states (Canada, Russia and the United States) and non-Arctic States (China, Japan and South Korea). Webpage:

An important goal of NPAC is to attract and involve the next generation of policy, science, and practice leaders:explicitly, to solicit the contributions of knowledgeable early to mid-career individuals who will become leaders in addressing the Arctic science and policy issues emerging in global affairs.

In support of this goal, funds are available to support the participation of a small number of competitive Early-Career Arctic researchers, policy makers and practitioners as NPAC 2021 Fellows. Those chosen this year will be the fourth cohort of NPAC Fellows.They will join a group of world class international researchers and policy makers in addressing contemporary issues affecting the Arctic.

For further information please see the attached announcement or the NPAC Fellow’s webpage:

For further information or questions, please contact Mr. Jaymen Laupola, East-West Center Senior Program Officer (