Insects are in many respects the backbone for Life on our Planet, being the major engineers of ecosystems and dominating organisms of the Animal Kingdom. “To a first approximation, every animal is an insect” (J. Kukalová-Peck). The biomass of insects ranges from over 2000 kg/ha in the tropics to around 1000 kg/ha in the temperate zone, while the biomass of human beings averages at only 7 kg/ha. The Theme for the ICE 2022 is “Entomology for our Planet”, in order to highlight the crucial role of insects in maintaining and shaping our lives, and overall, life on Earth. Specific emphasis includes topics such as:

  • Entomology for a hungry planet
  • Entomology for a diverse planet
  • Entomology for a healthy planet
  • Entomology for a changing planet
  • Entomology with latitude

Plenary speakers for ICE2022 Helsinki:

  • Gene E. Robinson
  • Segenet Kelemu
  • Alexey Polilov
  • Louise E.M. Vet
  • Janet Hemingway
  • Jianghua Sun


For more information about the congress please visit the ICE 2022 website.