The Arctic and sub-Arctic environment, climate, and biodiversity are changing in ways unprecedented in the long histories of the north, challenging traditional ways of life, well-being, and food security with legitimate concerns for the future of traditional Indigenous livelihoods.

The book provides a clear and thorough overview of the potential problems caused by a warming climate on reindeer husbandry and how reindeer herders’ knowledge should be brought to action. In particular, the predicted impacts of global warming on winter climate and the resilience of the reindeer herding communities are thoroughly discussed.

  • Latest scientific update on rapid changes in the Arctic and effects on indigenous reindeer herders
  • Perceptions on how traditional knowledge can be used to build resilience
  • Provides a unique insight into the current state of the Arctic through numerous colour images

Editors and Affiliations:

Svein Disch Mathiesen, Ellen Inga Turi, Anders Oskal, Marina Tonkopeeva
International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry, Kautokeino, Norway

Inger Marie Gaup Eira
Sámi University of Applied Sciences, Kautokeino, Norway

Mikhail Pogodaev
Arctic State Agrotechnological University, Yakutsk, Russia

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