The virtual conference featured more than 25 sessions aimed at providing strategies for educators. Design thinking is an innovative approach to solving complex problems that calls on users to develop a deep understanding through empathy.

The event was held in tandem with RRU’s annual Design Thinking Challenge; this year, teams of students designed innovative ways to help the Royal BC Museum connect with broader audiences.

Arrowmaker spoke on innovation from an Indigenous perspective – specifically applying design thinking to the lack of housing in Indigenous communities. 

Here is some of what she had to say about staying away from a one-size fits all approach:

“There’s all [these] social issues and other trauma related issues associated with housing. Trying to figure out how to get a home for people, you actually have to sit down and talk to people and figure out all the other stuff.” Arrowmaker explains. “Come to this field with an open mind…that’s the beauty of innovation. It touches on a lot of different areas in life. It’s not just one area.” 

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