Target Audience:
Scholars, researchers, community members, and practitioners will be considered potential chapter contributors and should primarily examine and consider the recommended topics to ensure adequate consideration. Research into these suggested topics continues to emerge, and attention to current socio-cultural and political attention to this research has evolved into the present century and explores the legacy of acculturation and assimilation of land cultures. Doctoral dissertation researchers are also encouraged to submit chapter proposals aligned with the recommended topics.

Suggested Topics (But Not Limited):
• Indigenous environmental heritage rights
• Indigenous Land rights/Land back
• Responsibilities for Decolonization
• Community-led environmental heritage
• Responsibilities for Building Anti-racist Heritage Community
• Decolonizing the concepts of heritage
• Indigenous Lives Matter in heritage

• Indigenous land rights Matter
• Cross-cultural Perspectives on environmental heritage
• Land-based Heritage
• Antiracist autoethnography in Indigenous Heritage Rights
• Traditional Story Sharing as Heritage
• Feminist Indigenous studies in environmental heritage
• Land as a form of heritage

Propose/Submit a Chapter/Inquires:
Dr. Ranjan Datta
Dr. Paul Edward Montgomery Ramírez:
Dr. Paulette Steeves:

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