This new Thematic Network would help to connect faculty across remote regions, disciplines, and institutions by providing a tool kit, examples, and peer support for COIL projects. If you would like to know more about this proposal or become a partner in its development, please contact Izzy Crawford

What is COIL?

COIL or Collaborative Online International Learning, is part of the growing field of globally networked learning and internationalization at home. Participating in COIL projects provides students with skills and confidence to enter the global, multicultural, digitally competent workforce. Using freely available online technology, COIL projects enable more students to take advantage of international collaborative learning opportunities, regardless of their geographic location. In addition to enhancing employability, COIL has the potential to democratize mobility in remote areas and address issues of common concern such as biodiversity.

What benefits will a COIL@UArctic Thematic Network bring?

An existing Biodiversity education network will be provided as an example of how a successful COIL initiative works, and will provide a ready-made network on the theme of biodiversity.

A Virtual Workshop for UArctic Members proposing the adoption and promotion of COIL as a recognized teaching and learning approach across UArctic. This would allow more people to harness and contribute to the growing body of knowledge, expertise, networks, and pedagogical advantages that COIL offers to staff and students as we emerge from the pandemic. 

A COIL Web Page on the UArctic website explaining what COIL is, what the benefits are, and how prospective partners can connect with each other. It would also enable international partner institutions to identify and collaborate with UArctic staff and students in a structured, streamlined, and measurable way. 

A COIL Toolkit for faculty and students on the UArctic website including project start-up guidelines; best practice examples and case studies; COIL teaching, learning and assessment resources; digital skills support; internal and external training opportunities; peer support; and access to global COIL networks. This would enable staff to easily access the information and resources they need to design, deliver, and evaluate their own COIL projects.

How can you help?

Please scan the barcode below or contact Izzy Crawford to express your support for a COIL@UArctic network.